Màn LED P3 Zhongjing

Màn LED P3 Zhongjing
Màn LED P3 Zhongjing
Màn LED P3 Zhongjing
Màn LED P3 Zhongjing
Màn LED P3 Zhongjing
Màn LED P3 Zhongjing
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HLL-P3 indoor full color -LAF0332B moudle parameters 
Moudle dimension: 192×192 Thickness: 16mm    
LED color: 1R1G1B LED package: 2121 supplier: Shandong jingmi
Moudle power: 4A   20W        
Driver: IC 1/32 Main IC: FM5124    
Red LED: (100-130CD) wave length 621±2nm
Green LED: (280-336CD) wave length 520±2nm
Blue LED: (50-60CD) wave length 462±2nm
Moudle weight: 0.29kg Power source base:  VH4 Connection model:  HUB75E
    Color temperature: 15000K Refresh rate:  600HZ
Brightness: 1100 CD/㎡ will reduce 10% after one year
LED point: 64×64=4096 point Pixel: 3mm
LED angle: Horizontal≥ 140°  Vertical≥ 140°
Color and brightness matching ratio: R:G:B/3:6:1
Environment temperature: storage -40℃ - +80℃     work:-20℃ - +50℃
Operation system: WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win8        
Suggested receiving moudle number: 12pcs ( refer to RV908M32)
5V40A power source with moudle maximum value: 8pcs
Quality assurance lifetime: 100000 hrs      
free repair 2years      
LED display parameters Brightness adjust:  automatic      
Continuous operating time ≥48 hrs        
Per ㎡ 111111.11      
Best watching distance:  5m      
Average power: 542.53W/㎡      
Working voltage: AC220V ± 10%      
Package and parts parameters
Power cable: 45CM 1 in 2 winding displacement: 20cm    
carton dimension 43*34.8*42 cubic 0.08m³    
package weight: 22.3kg